Happy New Year!

Hi Blogland,

So, many exciting things have happened here at Stagnant Gypsy headquarters since our last post:

1) We moved! Stagnant Gypsy has moved out of a stuffy basement suite into a cute three bedroom character home, complete with a studio! Nevermind that the studio is overflowing with boxes and random yarn… I really do believe that having a designated crafting space that is filled with lots of  natural light and (weather permitting) a lovely connecting balcony will translate into making great things over the next few months. We have both taken an interest in felting so that, combined with my newfound ability to knit in the round (even with scary dpns!) means exciting new things will be a brewing.

2) We both had birthdays! Our combined age is now…um…53. Well, lets just leave it at that

3) We bought some plants! Two little rosemary plants, a big palm tree esque plant whose name will follow, Ted the succulent and Fred the cactus. We have also started growing sprouts in a sprout grower thingy which is super exciting. T also has some bulbs growing in a pot…but as I am the black thumb of the gypsy team, I have no idea what they are. They grow like crazy though! Pictures to follow.

We also acquired some new yarn over the past few months, some of which is currently posted in the shop. Some has yet to be knitted into dishcloths and the like, but we hope that you enjoy the new and upcoming sets as much as we do.

One of our newest dishcloth sets, Shades of Grey:








And, an oldie but a goodie, our Rainbow Heart Scrubbies:





So, we’ve been really really bad at blogging this year. I could come up with a bunch of excuses (hey, both of us being at the tail end of our undergrads is a good one, no?) but the point is, we’re back!

As another holiday season approaches, we’ve begun to relist some of our favourite and best selling items in the shop:

Introducing our new Harry Potter Dishcloth series (pictured: Gryffindor Eco Friendly Dishcloths – Set of 3)

 Rainbow Mini Heart Shaped Scrubbies

Cassette Mixed Tape 1″ Buttons

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on new listings, findings and other tidbits of information.

New Goodies

So…I may have gone to the fabric store….

Keep an eye out for new brooches in the shop!


Workin on a little something new for the shop

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Monday Mentions – ponder and stitch

The cute Etsy shop ponder and stitch features cuffs made from vintage and vintage inspired fabric.

You can even order custom-made cuffs, such as the be still cuff, which will be made to your exact wrist size.

Stop by and check out this wonderful shop, and check out owner Amy’s blog as well!

Sunday Stitches – It Itches

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