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Thoughtful Thursday – Creating Time

The past few weeks have been very busy. The next few weeks will likely be even busier. I suppose it is just that time of the year, as school semesters wind down and holiday shopping picks up. 

This is our first holiday season with the shop, and we did not quite know what to expect, or how to prepare. Though I think we are working quite well through the early holiday season, it is definitely a shift from what we are normally used to in regards to the shop. Visitor numbers are sky-rocketing, and as much as we would love to be introducing a ton of entirely new items to the shop right now, our focus is on building up our stock of current favorite items.

Time just seems to be moving so quickly! It seems like just a few weeks ago that we opened the shop, a few days ago that we were building up our summer inventory, and a few moments ago that we were making plans for the holiday season. Suddenly, it is all upon us, and although at times stressful, it is also exciting.

Though I could easily fill my days with homework and shop related tasks, I do think it is important to create some time to just relax and enjoy the season. Its easy when you spend as much time on the Etsy website as we do – so many shops are rolling out their holiday inventory, and some amazing treasuries have graced the front page in recent days. I’ve yet to start my holiday shopping, but I definitely have some ideas just from browsing the amazing shops over at Etsy.  I for one am not a huge fan of over-crowded holiday malls, but I do quite enjoy browsing shops from the comfort of my own home.

I know this is a very busy time of the year for most of you out there, but over the next few weeks I challenge you to create some time to enjoy the season. Whether that means you browse online for fun like me, take a walk outside and (hopefully) enjoy the weather, or just take a quick break for a cup of coffee, make some time. Enjoy.


Thoughtful Thursday – Vintage Book Tags

Some days there are never enough words to describe how you’re feeling. So here is a picture full of words. New vintage book gift tags in the shop – look for more sizes soon

Thoughtful Thursday – Art Journal

Do you keep a paper journal? A skeethbook? Both or neither?  I have often been required to keep a sketchbook in art class, and usually end up fudging it together towards the end of term, throwing a “semesters worth-ish” of ideas together so it didn’t look like I had been slacking. I have always had the intention of keeping one, and even have a stack of journals with the first couple three pages filled in that I have “started”. 

But of course, it never stuck.

Keeping a sketchbook for the shop would be really helpful..but that hasn’t really stuck either. Perhaps I’ll get into the habit when this crazy semester ends.

Here are some links I was perusing thisevening about journals and such:

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
Artists Journals
Altered Books
52Q a year of mini art journalling

Thoughtful Thursday – Fabric Flowers

Report Cards: the bain of many teacher’s existance. Unfortunately, they are definately eating into my crafting time this term. The Frankenswiffer has been put on hold (much to the chagrin of my floors I’m sure) and new items are few and far between.

That said, I have embarked on a little sewing project for the shop: fabric flower brooches. My goal is to learn how to hand felt brooches but in the mean time, I have taken up making fabric brooches. They’re cute, they’re affordable, they multiply quickly, and will hopefully make a dent in the huge collection of vintage fabric making its way into my apartment.