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Workin on a little something new for the shop


Reduce, Reuse, and Refresh

If you haven’t already had a chance to check out our line of eco-friendly dryer sheets, head over to the shop now!
A great alternative to disposable softener sheets, our fluffy 100% cotton knitted dryer sheets can be used hundreds of times. Simply spray with or soak in a solution of your favorite fabric softener, or a homemade solution made of vinegar and essential oils, and toss in the dryer. All dryer sheets are shipped with recipes for some of our favorite homemade fabric softener solutions. 10 different sets are currently up for sale in the shop (more on the way), and we are more than happy to create custom sets!

Fresh Product Friday

We’ve introduced a new item to our shop, baby bibs! We have 3 adorable sets up currently, and more are on their way. An offshoot of our popular dishcloth pattern, the bibs are extra soft and perfect against baby’s skin. Plans are underway for themed bib sets, such as Halloween and Christmas. The Nemo set pictured above is great for fans of the little clownfish or of the Denver Broncos, whose colors happen to be orange and blue. The bibs make a great shower gift; pair them with a matching outfit or even one of our eco-friendly dishcloth sets, which are great to have on hand in the nursery. We ourselves have gifted these bibs, they’re a big hit!