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Feature Friday – Neapolitan Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

Just posted earlier this week, and we’ve already sold two sets! Inspired by a favorite ice cream flavor, this dishcloth set just looks delicious.

Stop by and check it out!


Working Wednesday – Etsy Tools

To help us keep the shop running smoothly, we utilize several different online tools geared towards Etsy sellers. These tools allow us to track traffic to our shop, search terms used to find us, see who is favoriting our shop and items, and more. We’ve already posted about Etsypreneur, and here are some of our other favorite sites. Every Etsy seller should definitely check them out if they haven’t already (trust us, they will change everything).

Google Analytics – provides specific traffic info
Craftopolis – tracks visitor numbers, pageviews, sales, and hearts
Heart-o-matic – lets you see shop and item hearts
The Vault – allows you to view and search front page treasuries

In addition to these great sites, Twitter and Facebook have both been invaluable resources to our shop. Though we hesitated jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, we have never regretted it – our fanpage has connected us with some amazing sellers and their shops, and helped us to spread our product to a whole new audience.

Treasury Tuesday – On and On

A treasury of things I would like in my stocking :p hence the on and on and on, cause I could browse and find things I like forever

Monday Mentions – Karen SF

I’ve been coveting cowls lately, especially button up neck warmer types. Lo, I stumble upon Karin SF, who has plenty a cowl, and some other beautiful items.

The lace edging on this skirt is gorgeous – and reversable!

Feature Friday – Pink Filagree Brooch

New brooch in the shop! I’ve been busy making seared edge ones for when T gets back from CA, but for now here is one I made last week:

Go check it out in the shop!

Working Wednesday – To the Post!

I would like to take a little time to say hats off to our local Post Office, without whom our little Etsy shop could not exist.
Before launching our shop, we considered the items we would sell (and hope to eventually sell), the supplies we would need, how to photograph our items, and what our prices would be. I’m sure that in passing we considered that eventually we would ship our items off, but it was a fleeting thought pushed aside by the excitement of even opening a shop at all. When our first sale did come, there was that moment of panic – now that we’ve sold it, what do we do with it? And so, our Post Office adventures began…

(Our beautiful old Post Office looks much the same today as when it was first built. The pic above was taken in 1920.)

After a slightly rocky start at a small postal outlet near our house (i.e. little help actually navigating the somewhat confusing world of dimensions and weight and packing materials), we decided the extra travel time would be worth it and opted to do our business with our city’s main Post Office. And oh, what a good decision this was. Finally, customs papers were explained and we actually understood what the best method was for sending our product.
Now, 90 sales later (who would have thought we’d hit 90 sales before our first year was over? Not us!), we are Post Office pros. Rather than fretting over bubble wrap and envelopes, a trip to the Post Office now means a chat with one of the awesome people that has helped us set up our shop. We talk about what the most recent packages contain, and sometimes even sell a few sets of dishcloths to them!
So hats off to Jim, Lorraine, Glenn, Tyra, and Linda, without whom Stagnant Gypsy could not be. Thank you for helping us share our products with customers around the world.

Treasury Tuesday – <3

Stop by and check out our latest treasury, , featuring items from these awesome shops:
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