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Thoughtful Thursday – Fabric Flowers

Report Cards: the bain of many teacher’s existance. Unfortunately, they are definately eating into my crafting time this term. The Frankenswiffer has been put on hold (much to the chagrin of my floors I’m sure) and new items are few and far between.

That said, I have embarked on a little sewing project for the shop: fabric flower brooches. My goal is to learn how to hand felt brooches but in the mean time, I have taken up making fabric brooches. They’re cute, they’re affordable, they multiply quickly, and will hopefully make a dent in the huge collection of vintage fabric making its way into my apartment.


Working Wednesday – Sculpey Adventures

Lately I have been experimenting with Sculpey. For those of you who haven’t heard of Sculpey before, it is a polymer clay that you can mold/sculpt and then bake in a conventional oven. It comes in every color imaginable, and is endlessly entertaining. There are definitely no problems when it comes to thinking up things to make, but I have absolutely no sculpting experience, so the process is a little slow-going. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the new medium and am very excited to create some new things (for me, and possibly soon the shop).
My first “big” project was a set of miniature mushrooms. I had seen a few different styles of mushrooms typically intended for terrarium use and wanted to try making my own version. I decided on red mushroom tops with painted white spots. I started the mushrooms wondering if the end product would actually resemble mushrooms (or even a mushroom-like object) in any way.
Though slightly time consuming, start to finish the mushrooms weren’t nearly as hard as I had anticipated. The most difficult part wasn’t actually sculpting the mushrooms, but figuring out how to put them together. After several visits to some Sculpey forums, I decided to glue the stalks and tops together after baking, mostly to ensure a solid seal of the two pieces.
I think they turned out pretty well, especially for my first foray into clay sculpting! Soon these little mushrooms will have new homes in my (yet to be made, but highly anticipated) terrariums, and I will be onto my next project.


I often find that I can only get two dishcloths, or one dishcloth and a few dryer  sheets out of a small ball of yarn. As you can imagine, this makes for several bits of unused fiber at the end of every ball that we buy. Ironically, I don’t have a lot of my own hand made dishcloths in my kitchen (many knitters will agree that its way more fun and productive to make things for other people)…but still, when I do knit myself some cloths, the bits of unused yarn will most likely continue to outweigh my need for dishcloths. 
Enter the Frankenswiffer.
Despite living in an apartment that has laminate floors, I have yet to really get into the habit of Swiffering on a regular basis. This is partly due to not wanting to buy (waste) and not being able to afford (cost) the refill pads. So for my next in between project, I am going to fashion myself a reusable Swiffer pad or two out of my leftover yarn. Pictures to follow.
*Yes, I realize that is a misnomer because Frankenstein’s monster was unnamed so technically it should be the Jenswiffer, but meh.