Working Wednesday – Etsy Tools

To help us keep the shop running smoothly, we utilize several different online tools geared towards Etsy sellers. These tools allow us to track traffic to our shop, search terms used to find us, see who is favoriting our shop and items, and more. We’ve already posted about Etsypreneur, and here are some of our other favorite sites. Every Etsy seller should definitely check them out if they haven’t already (trust us, they will change everything).

Google Analytics – provides specific traffic info
Craftopolis – tracks visitor numbers, pageviews, sales, and hearts
Heart-o-matic – lets you see shop and item hearts
The Vault – allows you to view and search front page treasuries

In addition to these great sites, Twitter and Facebook have both been invaluable resources to our shop. Though we hesitated jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, we have never regretted it – our fanpage has connected us with some amazing sellers and their shops, and helped us to spread our product to a whole new audience.


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