Sunday Stitches – Late Night Musings

While you will often find me knitting, I haven’t really broadened my horizons in since I first picked up the sticks. My interest in dishcloths stemmed seeing my Baba make them, and watching people covet them – especially around christmas time. She also made us pocketbook slippers, blankets, ear warmers, you name it.

I am horrible at reading patterns…but one day about a year and a half ago, I saw a video on how to knit the grandmothers dish cloth. Just like Baba made! Suddenly, they started multiplying like crazy, and we decided that selling them might be a viable option.

Now I’m kind of at a slump. There are many cool dishcloth patterns out there, but I haven’t the patience to try them when there are orders to fill, assignments to mark, lessons to write, dishes to do (haha like I ever do my dishes) and so on. I also have a dozen or so projects that I’ve abandoned and they’ve gotten tangled beyond saving (such as the pocketbook slippers which are easy peasy, damn my attention span).

Aaaanyways. The point of this is that I would like to free up my Ravelry queue (if you are a knitter/crocheter/spinner/yarn lover and do not know this site, go sign up NOW!) and learn new skills. I started the Jiffy Vest (modifications to yarn type and size) as a play-it-safe first garment to finish (I’ve started shrugs before but they are in that tangle to no end mess). It is seamed, but I am allergic to circular knitting…so we shall see how it goes. I would also like to learn how to use DPNs, make felted bowls and the fingers/thumbs on gloves.

But first? Back to the dishcloths…


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