Thoughtful Thursday – Art Journal

Do you keep a paper journal? A skeethbook? Both or neither?  I have often been required to keep a sketchbook in art class, and usually end up fudging it together towards the end of term, throwing a “semesters worth-ish” of ideas together so it didn’t look like I had been slacking. I have always had the intention of keeping one, and even have a stack of journals with the first couple three pages filled in that I have “started”. 

But of course, it never stuck.

Keeping a sketchbook for the shop would be really helpful..but that hasn’t really stuck either. Perhaps I’ll get into the habit when this crazy semester ends.

Here are some links I was perusing thisevening about journals and such:

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
Artists Journals
Altered Books
52Q a year of mini art journalling


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